Friday, May 6, 2011


Here is a list of some of my sources.  You'll also see the web address, and comments.  Most of these you may already know about, Some you may not. I hope you find this list helpful.  Almost everyone I've ordered from. If not ordered from, at least chatted with. 

  A great website, Covering just about anything you might want to know about Pork.

The National Onion Association:
  Another great site.  Kim will get back to you asap with an E-mail  Super lady over there.

  White Truffle Oil: Never ordered from them.  However, there website is very clean.  I would feel safe ordering from them. 

The Fresh Loaf:   
  Carries News & information for the Amateur Bakers & Artisan Bread Enthusiasts.

  An internet group set up for chocolatetiers to meet & converse, trade ideas.  I'm a member.  Extremely helpful group to anyone that asks questions etc.  A group anyone with an interest in chocolates should join.

Dessert Professional: 
  Another internet group for the dessert maker etc.  Another wonderful group that I'm a member of.  You can ask them anything about desserts and they will work with you to get an answer.  Another group you should join if your into desserts.  Fantastic group!!!


  I order tons of stuff from there. Great service, Wait for sales if you can.  I have found some great deals. 

Self Life Advice:

  A very nice website about self life.  They have a Tips, A list of all foods and how long they are good for.  Everyone should look at this one!!!

Still Tasty:

  Another great website.  Pretty much the same as the one above.  It's a matter of which one is the easiest for you to get around on.


  A group for people with allergies.  A wonder website.  Covers all food allergies.

National Pasta Association:

  A place to go to find out just about anything you want to know about pasta.

Bake Decorate Celebrate:

  A pretty inspiring website for cake decorating for the amateur baker. 

I'm cooked:

  A website to post your cooking video's 

The Chocolate Addict:

  A great website about chocolates, working with chocolates, video's,& materials.

Calorie Counter:

  Looks like a very usable website.  I've used it several times and was very happy.

Pressure cooking with Lorna Sass:

  If your into Pressure Cooking this is the go to lady. Book author, Chef

National Honey Board:

  The National Honey Board,  What more needs to be said!!!

Dry Spice:

  Little containers that you put in your spice containers.  I use alot of these.  Tell Ken that I sent you...


  All Chocolates,  Great people to work with.  All your major brands. 


I hope that some of these websites are of some help to you.  These are all from my "Favorites"  I have a ton more, But these are the most active ones.  I'm sure that I didn't list some of your favorites, So bear with me on that.  Let me know if you a favorite one or ones, and I'll list those also.